Tuesday, July 21, 2009

HATH3-RehabDone :: 2bedRehab#3HathKitch-BathTurdPolishing remix by scri8er - Photobucket

HATH3-RehabDone :: 2bedRehab#3HathKitch-BathTurdPolishing remix by scri8er - Photobucket

2 bedroom rehab done...rented...Docs signed....moved into today at high noon. It was a long push to get all done. Randy made it possible. Good solid helpful guy. I will give him more work after I take a break. (He needs a break also). We are both slap happy exhausted.

To recap:
1.) Took down all popcorn ceiling.
2.) Fixed 1 1/4 inch bow in ceiling in the 2nd bedroom.
*Ceiling throughout this 4 unit has radiant heating in it. Like a electric blanket in the ceiling between two 1/2 inch 4'x8' sheet rock.
3.) light texture methods on the ceiling used with mud and 18" roller worked the best for us.
4.) Painted all walls and ceilings through out.
5.) Reworked all electrical. Strange. Running hot. 147 to a ceiling fan? Rather have 115. Don't know why? Randy mentioned Knob and ?tube wiring? It's a gold medallion all electric home property. 1965 approx.
6.) Installed Laminate flooring through out. $0.78 a foot at Lowes. Used a underlayment like
carpet padding. For laminate. Deadened the sound and gives a spring/bounce to your step as you walk across it. PROBLEM floor would un-snap apart if we didn't take up all staples in sub-floor. Yes even with the carpet padding type of stuff.
7.) Fixed hole in outside deck with fiberglass on top surface.
8.) Bathroom. Resurfaced the fiberglass one piece tub and shower enclosure. The shell walls looked like they had settled on the wall joists. Not so. This is scalloped panel look that all of the enclosures have in this property.
9.) Bathroom. Replaced the counter top and used old sink and faucet.
10.) Bathroom. Replaced wall mirror with a larger one of 36"x48" that has a etched # design on the border of it.
11.) Replaced the medicine cabinet with a beveled edge mirrored one
12.) Replaced the Lino in the bathroom
13.) Replaced the counter tops in the kitchen with preformed laminate.
14.) Replaced the kitchen faucet with a moen. Used the sae Sttainless steel sink.
15.) P
ainted the kitchen cabinets a creamy white, bathroom same color.
16.) Changed cabinet door knobs. Ran short because I guessed at how many to buy when at Home De-pot. Owe them 3 more.
17.) Changed out the Garbage disposal.
18.) Installed 2 8' wide mirrored closet doors. One in each bedroom.
19.) Had Bridges Blinds (Huntington beach CA) install vertical blinds at all windows except the bathroom window. John Bridges has been in the business 26 years. Has a quality product at a reasonable price.
Call him for the next day measure. Day after that he installs. Takes him and a installer about 1/2 hour to install all of the blinds. Fast install professionally done. Just make sure you call John after your window areas are done with paint and repairs before you call him.

Here is a slide show of the finished 2 bedroom:Click it to get it started.

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